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Welcome To Skin Ink's Tattoo Studio

About Skin Ink's

You have an idea, we ink it for you. thinking of getting a tattoo. come over. we specialise in customisation.we have dedicated artists specialised in creating a design out of almost everything that you can imagine of. Once you Walk out the door after getting inked, We promise you the feeling of satisfaction and pride will be overwhelming.

About Me

Drawing has been my passion since I was a kid, give me a paper I would start drawing instead of waiting, never took those fancy drawing classes but somewhere within me I knew what I was going to be, I wanted to bring emotions to life by making Tattoos,when I was first touched the Tattoo machine after completing my course, the rush of adrenaline, the ecstatic feeling and the happiness on the faces of my clients I finally knew what I was going to be.

- Shaikh M. Sarkar