Welcome to the world of Tattoos

The Right After Care

section 1

Remove bandage within 2 hours and wash it with luke warm water. Pat dry with dry paper towel and apply the ointment. (One that has been suggested by the artist.) clean any wet areas remaining with a clean paper towel.

section 2

Wash tattoo twice a day with luke warm water while its healing. Apply ointment to avoid dryness. Shower is OK, but donot soak your tattoo in water. Hence avoid bath tub and swimming pools for 2 weeks.

section 3

Do not pick or scratch any scabblings. Allow it to peel of on its own. Usually flakes off in 7 to 10 days. Keep it clean and keep using the ointment to avoid any troubles in the process of healing.

section 4

Do not expose the healing tattoo to sunlight. Avoid gym for 2 weeks. Keep it clean.


The day of your Tattoo


Eat a big meal and drink a lot of water


Avoid Alcohol the day before and the day of.


Don't take any painkillers (blood thinners = more blood = more difficult tattoo)


Pack snacks and a (non alcoholic drink), a phone charger and case for your tip.


Wear deodorant, don't douse yourself with a lot of perfume or cologne you don't want the artist rushing coz they can't stand the smell


Dress comfortably, stretch or do some light cardio before hand, you'll be in the same position for a while


Stay calm, keep breathing set aside more time than you think you'll need. You don't want to rush this.